Hello to all the family members and friends of those who suffer with an OSI (Operational Stress Injury), often referred to as PTSI or Post Traumatic Stress Injury. Our group is dedicated to helping the adult family and friends of those who struggle everyday with difficulties due to OSI/PTSI, which ultimately affects the entire family.

OSI/PTSI can occur when a person directly experiences or witnesses a traumatic event. This can also happen with repeated exposure to traumatic events and details as with OSI’s target group; military, first responders, 911 dispatchers and corrections staff.

Being the caregiver or support for someone with OSI sometimes means facing battles of your own. Feelings of isolation, lack of support or understanding are common traits often shared among family members. We offer support, understanding, hope, knowledge, strength and encouragement.

Some of the symptoms of OSI/PTSI are:



Difficulty Sleeping


Trouble concentrating



Easily startled



These symptoms can help you to understand what your loved one with an OSI is experiencing. They might also assist the family in accepting their journey through the healing process.

Those who are in a care/ support position within the family can be especially affected. This vicarious trauma can become complicating for individuals in this situation.



The 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month
7:00 pm
@  Living Hope Alliance Church
3900 Arcola Ave., East-south door Contact Denise @ 306-807-6875 or at


3 - 2228 Ave C North
@ 7:00 pm
For information on meeting dates Contact Colleen @ 306-321-7552

For additional questions or if you have a need in your community for a Peer Support Group, contact Julius at; 

Support groups in other centres will be starting soon. Please contact us if you have an immediate need in your area.

Crisis/Suicide Hotline 24/7: 1-866-456-4566

Mobile Crisis: call 306-757-0127

Mental Health Crisis: call 811 and ask for the Mental Health line

Or Consult to find other help lines


If you would like an OSI-CAN support group or a Spouse of OSI group in your community, contact Julius Brown at 306-552-3801


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