Who We Are

To inspire hope and contribute to the continuous wellbeing and recovery process of Veterans and Front Line Protectors.


The importance of this initiative is found in the unnecessary suicides of people within our target group across the country. We do not want military or Front Line Protectors

in Canada to become part of those statistics.

OSI-CAN was created in January 2016 and is dedicated to helping serving members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces, Allied Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Front Line Protectors—which includes municipal police services, emergency medical services, fire protection services, emergency communications specialist (911 operators), hospital trauma personnel and corrections officers.


It is a joint project of the Canadian Mental Health Association (Saskatchewan Division) and the Royal Canadian Legion (Saskatchewan Command).


The reality for individuals needing our support is that if they self-identify to their employers, their careers may be over or they are deemed to be unemployable and ineffective.  Our programs do not require participants to be diagnosed or referred. They just need to be willing to admit to themselves that they might need some help and attend our support group or contact us. 

OSI-CAN uses a proactive support–based approach to OSI/PTSD recovery, which is two-ply. The first support is available in the form of peer support groups. This is a secure and confidential forum where the participants can discuss their experiences with others who are going through the same thing without fear of judgement or criticism. It is within this support group that their needs are identified and addressed.

The second proactive-support is our ever-expanding network of service providers that link members with other services necessary for their recovery such as the Adult Family and Friends of OSI (Support Group). housing, counselling, vocational training, psycho-social rehabilitation, advice on prescriptions, the purchase and placement of service dogs, and equine-assisted psychotherapy.
If you are in crisis contact:

  • Crisis/Suicide Hotline 24/7: 1-866-456-4566   

  • Mobile Crisis: call 306-757-0127

  • Mental Health Crisis: call 811 and ask for the Mental Health line.

If you would like an OSI-CAN support group or a Spouse of OSI in your community, contact Julius Brown at 306-552-3801 or Toll Free: 1-888-495-6068


Our Vision

Support When You Need It!

We seek to empower and encourage Veterans and Community First Responders to strive for recovery through peer and professional support while creating a greater public awareness.

Crisis/Suicide Hotline 24/7: 1-866-456-4566

Mobile Crisis: call 306-757-0127

Mental Health Crisis: call 811 and ask for the Mental Health line

Or Consult https://sk.211.ca/ to find other help lines


If you would like an OSI-CAN support group or a Spouse of OSI group in your community, contact Julius Brown at 306-552-3801