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 “When peers begin to work in the mental health system, recovery is accelerated in three ways ...
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Five Fundamental Beliefs About Life – Foundation for Peer Support

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​Signs of Recovery, I know that I am moving forward in my recover when…

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I live with someone that has Operational Stress Injury (OSI) or PTSD... what can I do to help? 

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It is difficult to live with someone recovering from an OSI ... Do you have any advice?

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Float therapy has been used as a way to effectively remediate many symptoms of PTSD an often debilitating condition. One of the postulated explanations for the effectiveness of this treatment is the release large amounts of endorphins and dopamine. The environment in the float tank also provides a safe space to process experiences and can aid the integration of difficult experiences.

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Available Therapists: OSI Trauma Specialized

Alternative Therapies: Hypnosis