TOPIC FOR POSSIBLE DISCUSSION:  Five Fundamental Beliefs About Life – Foundation for Peer Support

Everyone has the ability to learn and grow.


People’s beliefs determine their behaviour.


People think their way through life.


Whatever people focus on, they give power to.


Life’s experiences are the best teacher.




Beliefs re-stated within the context of mental health and Recovery


Being diagnosed with a mental health injury does not take away the ability to learn and grow; people can recover and move on with their lives.


What a person believes about himself/herself, because of a diagnoses with a mental injury, is the most important determinant of his/her success in creating the life he/she wants.


Being diagnosed with a mental illness does not take away the ability to think strategically and creatively.


While symptoms and mental illness bring people in for services the focus needs to shift to wellness and strengths as soon as possible.


Your recover experiences is your greatest gift to your peers.




Taken from Prairies to Peaks Peer Support Training Manual