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Current Peer Support Group Communities

If there is no support group available near you, contact the provincial coordinator, Julius Brown Toll Free: 1-888-495-6068, or Cell 306-552-3801.This is the best means of communication, or email

Regina: contact Leigh at 306-726-5881 or email;

                       or James at 693-999-2112 or email​
Saskatoon: contact Mark at 306-280-9372 (call or text) or email;

                              or Rick at (306) 491-7411 (call or text)

Prince Albert: contact Sherry at 306-960-5644

                                   or Michelle at 306-981-6083
Weyburn: contact Tricia at 306-861-2052 (call or text)
Moose Jaw: contact Jeremie at 306-681-3987 or email
North Battleford: contact Byron at 306-480-2778 (cell)
Estevan: contact Frosty at 306-421-7772 (call or text)

Tisdale: contact Chris at 306-873-7513 (call or text)
If Your local area is a long drive to the meeting, feel free to call Julius Brown at 1-888-495-6068 ... We can find an option or help you form and fund a new group!!  We are aware that Tisdale is a long drive for their area, it was chosen for the central location and available group leader.

Swift Current: contact Bob at 306-741-6640 (call or text) 

Fort Qu'Appelle: contact Renee at 306-331-7295 (call or text)