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Dr Scheepers

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Rossel Marion is the Provincial Service Officer for the Royal Canadian Legion.  His duties are to administer and deliver programs in support of active and retired military and RCMP.  Rossel served in the RCMP from 1984-2010, serving in Sask communities in a wide range of duties, including completing a UN tour in Haiti.  After retirement from the RCMP, he had the rewarding job of stay at home dad for 6 years.  He has now been with the Legion for 2 years.


Denise Beard

4177 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan.

911 Dispatcher - Cathleen is currently working on opening a training program for service dogs here in the Regina area. “Tails of Courage” has been a dream of hers ever since she tried to go through the of getting a service dog herself. She will talk about the different training models for ESA/ Service animals. Funding and how the process works.

Rossel Marion

Dave Ferris

Cathleen McPhee

Group 2: Erin Fletcher - Equine Therapy

Dr DiDi Emokpare

2019 Conference: Moving Beyond The Trauma

Andrew Gilbertson: Pharmacist and owner of Hill Ave. Drugs – Andrew has been a community pharmacist for over 25 years. He will be focusing his discussion on the pharmacology used today with PTSI and some of the new options available. 

Dr. Elisabeth Scheepers: a clinical counselor with a doctoral degree in psychology with a focused training in grief, crisis, trauma and addiction. She is a strong advocate for        seamless and accessible mental health services. 

Erin Fletcher: Serenity Farms – Erin is a retired special education teacher. She has been a riding instructor since 2005. She came to realize early on that many people find joy and healing when around horses. Through a therapeutic instructor course, Erin is able to provide Equine assisted therapy.

The focus of this conference is RECOVERY AND RESILIENCY, how OSI/PTSD affects the family.  Through our various and knowledgeable speakers, we hope to give you a better understanding of how to work through and heal through these events!!

Dr. Emokpare has been a family physician for over 15 years. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer and CEO for Outpost Healthcare in Regina.

WCB Director of Prevention – Shelly will be speaking about WCB and the progress it is making working with OSI/PTSI. She will discuss some of the changes that have been implemented already and those we can expect in the future. She will also discuss the process in order to give us a better understanding of some of the issues we face.

Julius Brown

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Group 3: Colleen Leaney - Modalities

Saturday April 6 - Sunday April 7, 2019

Dan was born in Edmonton and worked in many countries such as Egypt, Mexico, Indonesia and Japan as an English language teacher,And now works for the city of Leduc as a Fire/ Medic.  Dan is a published artist and writer whose work has been featured in numerous books, magazines and websites.  

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Coleen Leaney: Emergency RN – Coleen has spent many years working through various modalities which help with stress, anxiety and PTSI. She will not only talk about the different kinds of modalities but will be able to work in smaller groups and show you how they can help create change in your outlook.

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Daniel Sundahl

Group 1:  Andrew Gilbertson - Pharmacology

Kyle Wilkinson: Firefighter/ Paramedic – After 20 years working as a First Responder, I realized that I had become “Lost in Plain Sight”. I will tell you about my diagnosis of PTSI, my treatment and my life after PTSI as well as how this affected my family.

Saturday April 6th, 2019

US Veteran and Retired Police Lieutenant/ EMT – Dave has spent a career             helping others and becoming one of the most sought-after weapons experts for   training in the New York area. He spent time on the SWAT team for his department and became one of it’s finest training officers. Dave will talk about his fight to get past his trauma and how he got where he is today. 

Sunday April 7th, 2019

Shelly McFadden